hairBambu the Eco Salon is your triple threat, one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs. Not only are we able to style your hair, but we offer a Chanel platform makeup artist and our experience working with photographers will support you through your special day from start to finish.  We are proud to be serving brides all across the country. Our team, with over 25-years of  combined experience, has produced some of the most memorable days a bride could ever dream of. We can execute a range of techniques including era styling, themes and trends that can deliver ideas that are boundless.

If you are looking for a team that can take all that you’ve imagined for your most memorable day and make it a reality, You should consider Bambu the Eco Salon.

Our team has Everything you need:

    • Complimentary Consultations
    • Chanel platform makeup artistry by Carey Hinrichs
    • In Salon or On location Styling
    • Photography Expertise (including experience with magazine photographers and full publication spreads)

We are the team you’ll want by your side to execute your vision. Let us make your dream a reality!

We look forward to fulfilling your expectations and elevating your wedding look 👀💍💄

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