Two Weeks In – Adjusting to A New Salon. By Justin

Chris and Josh have adjusted quite nicely to their new locations up front of the salon – where the office, kitchen, and guest lounge use to be. It is now a small (SMALL) office area with two very nicely built stations for the boys to do their haircuts and colors. The biggest issue has always been that there is AC in every room but this one. All of the AC machines blow at the lowest setting, but somehow the front room still feels even hotter than outside on occasion. Fortunately, we are getting a portable air cooler soon. This makes everyone very happy…

Carey, Kim, and Ellie are all in the original cutting room now. This has now been deemed “the ladies room”, and it follows that the front room has now also been deemed “the boys room”.

All the artwork has been moved up front and now is easily visible in the sunshine. Even the artwork that was previously on the walls in getting attention it didn’t receive before We may actually be able to sell some of the pieces now!

…The Air Cooler just arrived! Fancy!

The new SPA room has been a treat. It’s exciting to see it come together and even more so to see if being booked now. I think were all down for a facial and a massage.

The team has been working together very smoothly! It makes everyone happy to be easy going, laid back, and have as little stress as possible..though stress does happen.

For me, school starts back up on the 22nd, in two weeks, and my internship is starting. Today I spoke with the crew about it. I am going down to only three days a week. Not entirely enough days to be considered a manager – but that’s okay. Ellie and Kim have been so amazing I have complete confidence that the two of them will make it work.

Everyone here loves the salon world and is more excited about the changes that have been made than scared. I’m sure in the future there will be even more changes and new experiences. I will definitely be around to see them, sometimes as a manager, and always as a friend.

Thank you Bambu <3


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