Trip’s Perspective of Bambu The Eco Salon

1520628_665721526877633_7011024330197435560_nBefore I walked into Bambu The Eco Salon for the first time in January 2015, I always believed I was someone who was doing everything right when it came to styling and protecting my hair. I had spent countless dollars on expensive shampoos, styling products, and even haircuts, but I found my hair was still dull and hard to manage!

When a group of friends of mine suggested I go to Bambu The Eco Salon, I had some reservations, thinking that Bambu would use low-end styling products and that my hair would be cut by over-zealous nature lovers. But, after my first visit in Chris Kiss’ chair, I knew that I had not only found a new salon to get my hair cut, but also realized how immediately my hair had shined and taken on a new life with the eco-friendly shampoo and styling products Chris uses on all of his clients!

Six months later, I started working as Bambu’s desk receptionist and assistant to stylists Chris Kiss, Josh DeBlock and Carey Hinrichs. In my time working at the salon, I have had the opportunity to even learn more about the healthy, eco-friendly hair products like Loma and davines, as well as all the strides Bambu makes toward being a true eco salon. For instance, Bambu has recycled over 900 bags since it’s opening in August 2013, only using 23 bags of actual waste! I’ve also learned about the various plants throughout the salon that are used to filter and clean the air the in the salon (these plants are treated by our own salon permaculturist)!

I think the most important thing I have learned as my time as a client and team member at Bambu is just how much Chris, Josh and Carey are truly passionate about protecting the environment and taking care of their clients! From the moment a client steps through the door, we treat them like family, serve them beverages of water or tea, discuss with them their plans for their hair, and provide them with the cuts and colors and services they desire. Being able to provide the Bambu experience has brought a new experience to my life!