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Everyone here at Bambu seems to have their lives on full speed. Chris Kiss is working hard making a name for himself through hair, through some of the cosmetolgy world’s top distributors, as well as through the nightlife. Josh DeBlock is staying strong with his full book of clients and events. Carey Hinrichs seems to be working wedding after wedding and having a blast with her insane make-up skills while doing it. Kim Maxwell is learning a lot from the crew and building her client list while being a stylist alongside Carey at many of Bambu’s events. Through all this, they all still have time to see their loyal client base while making new ones. The work life of a stylist is hard, but the fun never ends when you love what you do, like they do.

We have had many updates about Cotê lately, and I am hoping you all know what it by now. I want to take a moment to talk about our other products you love, Onesta. Here is something new.


Onesta says it best, “Onesta Refresh Dry Shampoo uses a natural tapioca starch to absorb excess oil and buildup. Our lightweight formula leaves hair refreshed while adding body and texture. Onesta’s powerful blend of certified organic Milk Thistle, Green Tea, and Rhatany Root helps protect hair color and vitality.”

  • ideal for all hair types and colors
    uses a natural tapioca and rice starch to absorb excess oil and buildup
    adds body and texture to hair
    fortified with Collagen Amino Acids and Biotin to naturally boost healthy hair
    natural Lemongrass Coconut fragrance leaves hair smelling fresh

We still carry all of our other and loved hair care and style products by Onesta.

Take a moment to check in with your favorite stylist once in a while, whether you’re booking an appointment or not. They love it when you do.

Until next time!

-Bambu the Eco Salon

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