New Look. New Location. New to Love.

Well Hello There, Darlings!

Sorry we haven’t posted in ages. As we all know, life happens… and with our relocation to Central Ave, our new salon space, hurricane Irma, and the St Pete Come Out festival there’s a whole lot  that has happened.

We Are Here! We Are Busy! We Are Excited! Our New Location is Bright, Open, and Inviting.

We Are Ready to engage in Immersive Education and Relaxation, with Health and Happiness as Our Focus.

INTRODUCING: Saturday Soiree’s – a monthly event in which we highlight one of our incredible products and invite you to enjoy some of the natural goodness found inside. Teas, Cheeses, Wines, Beers, Breads, and Herbal Remedies that utilize ingredients from the formulas of these products will be served, explained and enjoyed. Most of these Exciting and Educational events will be donation based and open to current clients, potential patrons, as well as the public.

Do Not Miss these unique and inspiring gatherings.  

Let us Welcome Miranda Colette, our new Salon Manager and Resident Herbalist. She will be leading our first Saturday Soiree on November 4th. Join us at the new location from 6-8pm to learn about and sample the COTE HAIR Hybrid Cream Gel and Create your very own FIRE CIDER!

Fire Cider is an all natural immune booster and cold/flu killer that you can personalize to taste. It has been used for generations, in various forms, all around the world, to promote quick and dependable remedies to the common cold, sinus issues, chest congestion, and the flu.

That’s just a Sneak Peak! Keep an eye out for our next blog update to prepare for this event.

Infinite Gratitude ~ Bambu the Eco Salon team 


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