Justin’s Perspective on Organic & Color Protection Products

So, I’ve worked in salons in the past and should know better, but, I still only typically buy cheap store products for my hair (if I wasn’t working in a salon where I could get the products for discounted or perhaps, maybe even for free – call me cheap, I don’t care lol). Of course, I have heard over the years how chemicals and ingredients in these products can actually damage your hair, but it still wasn’t something I was ever really worried about. I have thick hair. Every stylist I have ever seen has said so, literally, “You’re hair is so THICK!” I could bet a million on the chance I would hear it if I ever went somewhere new….I probably have bet a million in my mind…still no million. Anyway, I have almost always used a combination of nourishing oils in my hair after shampooing and conditioning because my hair is so thick. The coarseness of my hair also makes it very difficult to style because it’s so heavy. I actually have to ask the stylists to thin it out.  I’m a ginger. Most of my life the only styles I could really do were with flat irons.

Even working in salons in the past I feel like I didn’t really grasp the truth. Maybe my coworkers never really took the time to drill it in my head, or maybe I didn’t care enough to listen. Chris and Josh have both given me the opportunity now to sample high quality, organic, all-natural, products.

After Chris colored my hair and I went home and shampooed with a store bought brand…he pretty much started throwing our products at me. LOL I had shampooed all the color out of my hair in less than a week, after only shampooing TWICE. I thought just reducing the amount I shampooed would be enough to keep the color but it wasn’t! I had to develop a whole new way to take care of my hair. Fortunately, it was with their help.

Chris and Josh gave me a Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner by Onesta, as well as some leave-in conditioners and color protectant spray by KEUNE. Chris re-colored and toned my hair again. I have still reduced the amount I was shampooing because I have learned that different hair types have different needs and this relates to how often a person should be shampooing. Because I now have the leave-in conditioner and color protectant spray, I don’t need to use all the oils I was using before. Now, I am going on almost three weeks and the color is still strong!

One of the struggles I had before was using product in my hair and then needing to wash it out because leaving it in over night was a mess! Because of the fabulous haircut Josh has been giving me most days I don’t even need to use any product! I just blow-dry after applying the leave-in conditioner and my hair stands up all on its own! Getting it to stand up seemed like an impossible feat before. If I’m feeling super fancy, I can use the Fiber Putty by Loma that Chris also gave me for my hair. I am realizing that the next day my hair doesn’t actually look like a greased up mess. All I need to do is rinse and restyle!

The longer I stay at Bambu I know I will learn more and more amazing things about hair, my own hair included. Currently I’m researching dry-shampoos, which I am reading can also be beneficial for protecting the condition and color of your hair…Along with my studying of blow-outs, extensions, braiding, and various products…There is so much to learn! I’m still excited every day to learn something new.

Thank you Chris and Josh and Carey for everything you have taught me. <3

My fabulous hair by Chris & Josh!

My fabulous hair by Chris & Josh!

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