Justin Talks colorpHlex


In short, colorpHlex is a brilliant formula used in color processing to reduce damage made by harsh chemicals. I use the word brilliant, but you can definitely give it a different description after you use it for yourself!

The first time I had ever bleached my hair, attempting to go platinum, was a memorable experience. I would hate to scare anyone out of the opportunity to try it, but It was memorable mainly because of how bad it hurt. It was three hours of burning on my scalp. I was actually scared. Afterword, my hair was fried, it dried up like straw (looked like straw!), it was near impossible to style, and conditioner did nothing.

Ironically, I got hired after I did an interview with that same hair at a five star hotel. So it must not have been SO bad.

Two years later here I am at Bambu, once again encouraged to go all out. And believe me, I do love going all out! 😉

In the end, it is my decision what I do with my hair, just like it’s anyone else. Don’t let yourself be pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable with. But for me, it was time to try again.

As bad as the first time was, this time was equally as great! I wish I could have lead with that, as I really wouldn’t want to make anyone nervous about trying something new with their hair. I love changing my own! The process of going from auburn to platinum THIS TIME only took one hour and fifteen minutes! And there was NO PAIN! The only sensation I felt during the process was a slight kick in heat for thirty seconds on a small area of my scalp while I was under the dryer. Honestly, it could have been the dryer! It could have also been my constant thinking and waiting that eventually it would begin to hurt…but it didn’t. And the color was perfect!

To tell you the truth, I have no idea if colorpHlex itself in any way reduces the sensation of chemicals while bleaching. I didn’t see this advertised on the website, but I think it might actually be a factor of using colorpHlex. colorpHlex protects, restores, and conditions the hair in the color process.

My hair actually came out of this process feeling softer and more conditioned before it was even processed…THAT’S UNBELIEVABLE!

Maybe you don’t believe me…it sounds pretty awesome though, right? It’s true.


Final color! Cut and color by the amazing Chris Kiss. 

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