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Welcome to NOW YOUR LIFE, a virtual transformative coaching approach breaking you free from a mind-scrambling cage to a peaceful authentic path of encouraging passion, true value, positive purpose, inspirational enlightenment, and genuine endeavors.

You may be visiting this site because at times life can be an exhausting struggle; a struggle of feeling less than, a struggle of feeling misplaced, and worst of all, a struggle of feeling emotionally stuck in a grueling web of darkness. Ironically, that dark web may just be a needed awakening to jumpstart your amazing life.

After experiencing the PTSD from a romantic situation with a narcissist, a cathartic healing process occurred inspiring the creation of a critically acclaimed award-winning film with a message … a message that sometimes we have to go through darkness to find a true authentic light. Without this personal experience, audiences around the world wouldn’t have gained awareness, conversations of clarity wouldn’t have taken place, and most of all a desire to study life coaching with the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts would never have been considered. Needless to say, all life experiences happen for a huge gigantic reason.

Whether it’s a personal relationship, a work situation, or even a transitional period, the NOW YOUR LIFE coaching process is here to create a safe collaborative space for you to thrive in. Together, we will discover your answers already within to gain an uplifting understanding and stimulate you in the now with empathy, warmth, openness, kindness, positivity, trust, and most of all, genuine happiness.

NOW YOUR LIFE is ready to break you free from that mind-scrambling cage and bring you to your own magnificent picture window of life … a picture window you are truly destined to be the authentic star of.

Services are available worldwide.

Live. Learn. Grow. Love. Peace!




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