Carey’s Update!

Carey_Hinrichs_bwOk, so this is my first blog post Ever!!! I am super excited  to be celebrating my one year anniversary on Saturday (Halloween)! In the short year that I have been here so many great things have happened, I got my braiding license, Babe extention certificate, a few color and cutting classes under my belt and wonderful hands on training with Josh and Chris.

I could not ask for better bosses who are willing to share and help me as a new stylist. This industry can be really difficult to break into. Stylist guard their tricks and knowledge like a fortress. Fortunately, these men have taken me under their wings and have shared so much from their combined knowledge from years and years of experience. I truly feel that I could not get that anywhere else. I do feel like that street goes both ways too.

When it comes to makeup and skincare I share as much knowledge and technique as possible. We all learn from each others gifts. This Halloween we are all geared up and ready for not only beautiful hair but beautiful and sparkly princesses, gouls, monsters, and even a queen. I of course am looking forward to another year of great things happening at Bambu the Eco Salon. Happy Halloween everyone!

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