Eric Casaccio, friend and client, has an Empowerment E-Book now available!

Our favorite Eric has just released an empowerment e-book to accompany his virtual life coaching website. Check them both out at!

“The Empowerment E-Book provides a clear roadmap for moving forward from a narcissistic situation and clearing out feelings of doom that come as a result.

It’s a workbook guide for taking the story of your disempowered past in the now and transforming it into a story of your empowered future.

When you find the answers within you can shift your life back on track and become stronger than the bonds that once tied you down to an abusive narcissist.”







Creative & Nonconformative Hair Color by Chris Kiss

Recently Chris Kiss, one of our owners and Master Stylists, had the exciting privilege of doing some unique and exciting hair on some of our most daring clients.

Beth & Elizabeth were both looking for bold new hair color but each had an individual approach. Beth desired “Unicorn or My Little Pony,” inspired hair, which meant a very light blonde base with pinks, purples, silvers, and reddish wafts. Elizabeth was going for a whole new look by cutting her hair off, buzzing and carving the undercut, and then using different shades on the red spectrum to cover her entire head. They both turned out absolutely Amazing!








February is for Lovers ❤️

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’ve put together a lovely care package that will treat both you and your partner. Let’s Magnify our Love for Eachother & The Earth!

Our Bambū Bae Bundle includes a travel duo pack of the Cotê Hybrid Shampoo & Conditioner, an Organic, Handmade, Massage Oil made by our very own herbalist, and a scalp massage lesson from Chris Kiss.

He’ll show you the 5 points of relaxation & release during a 5 minute demonstration and send you home with the confidence to pamper your partner with your new moves.

The specialty oil you’ll receive is made with organic, cold pressed, extra virgin Olive Oil a it is gentle and beneficial to human skin. It is infused with natural skin friendly herbs of Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile, & Damiana. It is safe to use on your face and bosy

Beginning TODAY until next Saturday, (February 3rd to 10th)




Growth For You’re Hair, Our Business, and The Planet!

As of January 3rd we are now & forever a Certified Green Circle Salon.

What on Earth could this mean? Well… it means we are over 95% Waste FREE!

Allow me to explain. By being members of The Green Circle Recycling Program we are able to divert nearly All of our Waste Away from Landfills and out of our Water.

We Can Now RECYCLE: All Plastics, 1-7, including packaging, plastic bags, and tops/lids to containers (even our color tubes); All Metals, aluminum foil from hair coloring, color tubes, and aerosol cans; Everything Paper that isn’t waxed or covered in food/body waste; ALL HAIR; ALL HAIR COLOR; and a slew of materials that are not otherwise recyclable. They call this last group “Waste to Energy.”

Now that January is over and we’ve had a month to implement the program, here are the results….

In the past 4 weeks we’ve only had to throw away 1 bag of trash. ONLY ONE! For an Entire Month! Made up of mainly food & plant waste, and the occasional questionable material that wasn’t specifically mentioned on the list of what was allowed through the program. We had a few fruit flies find us due to the plant matter and bits of food that sat in our garbage for a month. In order to relieve this issue and cut down, Even More, on our “trash,” we’ve made the decision to introduce Vermiculture into our salon.

In our efforts to be as earth friendly and environmentally conscious as possible we will be implementing a live worm bin where our food scraps, plant materials, newspaper, and even cardboard, will become food for our little friends and turned into fertilizer for our plant babies.

Here is a link to more information about Vermiculture and Worm Bins:




Bambū Got a Make Over!!!

Our incredible Chris Kiss has completely Transformed our new Bambū salon space with the help of our salon manager Miranda Colette and our stylist Topher Mills. The pictures do most of the talking, so look closely to see all of the hard work and beauty that has elevated the entire atmosphere.

Antiquing pallet boards to give our rear wall dimension and new life.

Real, naturally cured bamboo to cover all of the conduit housing.

A new chair rail and paint to enhance the shampoo room.

And more to come… ENJOY!



The Bambu Family is Hiring!


We are Excited to Invite New Stylists to Apply for Full & Part time Employment with our Bambū Family.

We are open to all variety of Hair, Skin, & Makeup Stylist whom are Environmentally Minded.

Bambū is extremely passionate about our vegan, cruelty free, ecologically sustainable, and natural products & practices.

We’re Ready and Excited to meet you! Come by the salon at 2600 Central Ave. Tuesday through Saturday 10-5 and drop off a resume. Or Feel Free to call 727-485-8802.

Our Events are Unique and Unmissable… Here’s the Proof!


For those of you who have yet to attend an occasion hosted by us here at Bambū, we strongly suggest you make this upcoming Saturday, November 4th’s festivities your first taste. When we host a function we make it FABULOUS!

Here are some of the Incredible photos taken by Morgan LeShade of Black Rose Photography from our Come Out St Pete Fashion Show:



Saturday Soirées begin This Weekend!

Welcome All to the Very First SATURDAY SOIREE hosted by Bambu the Eco Salon.

We’ll be holding monthly events on Saturdays in which we highlight one of our Incredible, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Nature Based, Beauty products.
We’ll serve refreshments containing some of the plants and herbs found in the product’s formula.
We’ll also give demonstrations and samples.
Most of these events will be Interactive.

For this, our Inaugural Event, the product we’ll be highlighting is the
COTE HAIR Hybrid Cream Gel
this formula contains White & Green Tea, Acai Berry, and Ginger.

We shall serve both types of tea as well as Acai infused treats.

ALSO! Anyone who would like to participate may create their very own Medicinal Winter Immune Boosting Formula known as

Fire Cider is an Energizing, Warming, Highly Potent, Immune System Natural Medicine that stops the Cold & Flu in its tracks. It’s also excellent for sinus issues and chest congestion during the colder months of the year. The best part, it can be made to taste.

It’s main Ingredients are Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, Citrus, Peppers, Horseradish, Turmeric, & Antiviral Herbs.

Anyone wishing to make their own formula is encouragd to bring their Favorite Citrus Fruit, Spicy Pepper, & Herbal Ally.

We recommend finding these ingredients at the St Pete Saturday Morning Market.

I Am Beyond Excited to Indulge and Create with YOU!

Infinite Gratitude~ Miranda Colette & the Bambu Crew

Friday Night Fun for All!


Halloween is never complete without a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Event!
So Come up to the Lab and See what’s on the Slab 😉
This event begins as a Block Party, transforms into a Bar Crawl, Culminating with an interactive performance. DO NOT MISS THIS!

A HUGE Thanks to Lina Teixeira for allowing us to showcase her Incredible Cranial Creations for the Bambu TheEcosalon Fashion Show we presented for the Inaugural Come Out St Pete festival on Saturday the 14th. Her Hats left our Heads Spinning!

Here are just a few of the Marvelous Head Pieces she loaned us for that event:

Knowing Lina’s level of creativity, tomorrow’s event is Sure to be a BLAST!!

New Look. New Location. New to Love.

Well Hello There, Darlings!

Sorry we haven’t posted in ages. As we all know, life happens… and with our relocation to Central Ave, our new salon space, hurricane Irma, and the St Pete Come Out festival there’s a whole lot  that has happened.

We Are Here! We Are Busy! We Are Excited! Our New Location is Bright, Open, and Inviting.

We Are Ready to engage in Immersive Education and Relaxation, with Health and Happiness as Our Focus.

INTRODUCING: Saturday Soiree’s – a monthly event in which we highlight one of our incredible products and invite you to enjoy some of the natural goodness found inside. Teas, Cheeses, Wines, Beers, Breads, and Herbal Remedies that utilize ingredients from the formulas of these products will be served, explained and enjoyed. Most of these Exciting and Educational events will be donation based and open to current clients, potential patrons, as well as the public.

Do Not Miss these unique and inspiring gatherings.  

Let us Welcome Miranda Colette, our new Salon Manager and Resident Herbalist. She will be leading our first Saturday Soiree on November 4th. Join us at the new location from 6-8pm to learn about and sample the COTE HAIR Hybrid Cream Gel and Create your very own FIRE CIDER!

Fire Cider is an all natural immune booster and cold/flu killer that you can personalize to taste. It has been used for generations, in various forms, all around the world, to promote quick and dependable remedies to the common cold, sinus issues, chest congestion, and the flu.

That’s just a Sneak Peak! Keep an eye out for our next blog update to prepare for this event.

Infinite Gratitude ~ Bambu the Eco Salon team