A New Podium and A New Style


Our new podium came for the front office! Complete with a chandelier, this new podium is big enough to fit everything on top of it and underneath on its hidden shelves.  It’s beautiful and it’s all recycled! Designed by Chris Kiss himself with the help of our friend Rob the Builder. It really makes everything come together and shine!!!


On top of all this good news, FOX News came for a visit to our salon on Tuesday! They interviewed both Chris and Josh as well as took some video footage of the boys in actions including myself answering some possibly faked phone calls (that’s acting for you!) It was all very nerve wracking and fun at the same time, the crew was nice and knew what they were doing, and we had a blast in the experience. Our news story will air

Sep. 10th, Saturday on Fox 13 Lindsay Melbourne’s “EARTH WATCH” series!

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