Bambú, The Eco-Salon

Experience Bliss… Bambú, The Eco-Salon… Be Our Guest

The Bambú team is to committed to enhancing hair’s natural integrity without the use of harmful chemicals that deprive hair of strength and beauty. We adore offering personalized precision-cuts with high-definition, natural coloring products, that leave our guests feeling luxurious long after their Bambú experience. It is our duty to enlighten our guests to on-going techniques that maintain the salon-look every day.

Bambú… and You

  • We listen to Your needs & goals of the present & for the future
  • We’ve created a clear and comfortable environment that is pleasing to Your senses, utilizing scientifically-proven botanical purification techniques
  • We Love to educate You with methods to maintain natural care on a regular basis
  • We strive to enhance Your Bambú bliss!