2600 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Think. Imagine. Believe. Bambu


of a world where your shampoo bottle could be planted to grow a new tree. A world where everyone used haircare products that do not harm themselves, the Earth or our community. Where will your next haircare product bottle will end up? Bambú’s current eco-conscious philosophy, mindful product line & responsible recycling is the future.


a world where sustainability is a priority, instead of an afterthought. Where zero-waste practices make landfills a thing of the past. Imagine a salon that envisions a beautiful, waste-free future for our community. We are proud to bring our sustainable salon philosophy to the Grand Central District of St. Petersburg.


that change can happen; by believing in Bambú, you can BE that change. Supporting a local, green business who believes in creating beauty, without the use of caustic chemicals to protect everyone who walks through their doors and our environment. Our belief in change has allowed us to be a 97% waste-free salon.


Meet the Owners

Kris & Josh

The Bambú team is to committed to enhancing hair’s natural integrity without the use of harmful chemicals that deprive hair of strength and beauty. Personalized precision-cuts with high-definition, natural colouring products leave our guests feeling luxurious long after their Bambú experience. We enlighten our guests with on-going techniques to maintain the salon-look every day.


Bambu is comitted to keeping you
Safe & Healthy!

We are following strict guidelines given to us by the City of St. Ptersbufg and the CDC. In addition to our standard safety protocols, we are also willing to accomodate theose with special needs. Call Miranda at 727-485-8802 with your special request.


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